Looking back on my work and learnings from HCDE 451 (User Experience Prototyping Techniques), here is my final reflection as my fall quarter wraps up during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Despite being online this quarter with limited scope within the class, I came with an open mind going in. I’ll be…


Getting a new puppy and preventing unwanted behaviors can be tough. Now imagine getting a $40 dog bed from a pet store for it to be destroyed in just one night. Introducing a dog burrow bed & bandana activity tracker!

Preview of Misu’s dog bed prototype

Design Concept

The combination of sensors within the bed & bandana will…

The subject of this assignment is a video prototype that demonstrates clearly, effectively, and creatively the functionality of a product.

This video prototype focuses on the mobile app “Precision Boxing Coach” available on the Apple and Google Play store. The Precision Boxing Coach is a guide to high-level boxing training…

The goal of this next assignment was to understand the differences between prototyping for voice versus screen-driven interactions. This was an opportunity to practice prototyping voice interactions and avoid key pitfalls.

Presenting Movie Finder, a voice user interface (VUI) TV add-on for any movie watcher. …

The next Human Centered Design assignment was to construct a physical object out of fabric and other materials that can be used for wearable or other kinds of objects that might be asked to prototype in a UX practice.


Moving away from my Plant Homie series, I decided to create…

As part of a Human Centered Design course, the assignment was to prototype a wearable Internet of Things (IoT) device using low-cost and readily available materials. IoT involves embedding sensors and other electronics in common devices found in the physical world and connecting them wirelessly to internet-based services.

General Overview


I first…

Tiffany Truong

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